Writing and Grammar Resources

I started this list, with many suggestions from other teachers and tutors, for the Portland Literacy Council‘s tutor training workshops for remote tutoring.


  • Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL
  • Azar Grammar Powerpoint Presentations
  • Google forms
    • Excellent way to practice filling out forms (for beginning level)
    • Can also provide longer writing prompts, responses to images and video.
    • Can also be used to create quizzes with automatic feedback.
  • Google documents
    • Can be a tool for writing together, and for storing all a learner’s writing, to show progress.
    • Works on a variety of platforms.
  • Padlet
    • This site lets users create a site and then fairly easily and quickly add writing, images, videos, maps, videos, and more to it.
    • If that description doesn’t help, check out this quick example I created for a citizenship class. Padlet is kind of like a social media wall, except no logins are required — and it’s not connected to social media at all.
    • Learners can share many types of content and write comments on other posts.

Do you have more that you’d like to contribute, or share a way that you’ve engaged and supported learners online? Share a comment or contact me.

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