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I started this list, with many suggestions from other teachers and tutors, for the Portland Literacy Council‘s tutor training workshops for remote tutoring.


  • ESOL News Oregon
    • A fantastic source of local current events in multiple levels of complexity, with online vocabulary and language-focused questions. Written by Tim Krause, ESOL Instructor at PCC SE.
    • Some readings (look in the archive) have little sound/speaker symbols next to them, and have recorded narration.
    • For more info, I have a short explanation on my site, too.
  • Online Readers by Tim Krause
  • Bow Valley ESL Literacy Readers
    • 40 readers for adult learners of English, with audio narrations also available.
    • Note: for a Canadian context, so some context may be different from your learners in the US.
  • Merriam Webster Learners’ Dictionary
    • Free online resource that includes audio pronunciation guides.
    • For students who are looking for a way to organize their vocabulary and practice online, there is also a free account (email required) — but this is optional.

Do you have more that you’d like to contribute, or share a way that you’ve engaged and supported learners online? Share a comment or contact me.

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  1. Hi Eric,
    I had met you at the PLC’s tutor training. I teach through BLC and would like to use the audio files made on different topics in my class, one of them being Cat Cafe. How do I access it?

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