Remote Learning – Wifi and Internet Access Resources

For learners who are trying to stay home, internet access and bandwidth can be a major obstacle for their communication and learning. They may usually rely on phone data for their own internet access, or there may be a need to limit home use for essentials (which at this point may be for streaming entertainment for children).

Reading OregonLive earlier this week, I saw that Comcast has opened up wifi hotspots throughout the United States.

The hotspots are clustered in urban areas, and I haven’t tried out the “xfinitywifi” network that shows up in range, but here in East Portland and the greater area, the coverage looks promising.

Map of east portland wifi hot spots

My questions about this service include:

  • What speed/amount limits are on these hotspots?
  • What tracking/personal/IP address info is being collected?

Comcast is also still offering their Internet Essentials package, which offers basic home internet for $9.95/mo. With the current crisis, they are increasing bandwidth (speed) and offering the first 60 days free.

Caveats: applicants have to provide documentation about low-income status, and the usual (non-crisis) setup time is 3-5 days.

Published by Eric

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