Online Open-Source Interactive Technology – H5P – PSU IELP Faculty Retreat 2019

PSU IELP Faculty Retreat Afternoon Sessions, Sep 16, 2019

Presentation Resources

This page has several important links that we’ll use for the presentation.

Explore H5P Activities

Vocabulary practice for a high-intermediate reading course (by Luciana Diniz, PCC)

Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Questions

You can try out the activity below or see it embedded in the ESOL News Page.

Multimedia Comprehension Checking

From my US citizenship resources page.

Focus on form

Taken from PCC’s Digital Workbook for Beginning ESOL.


From my US Citizenship practice resources.

Recording Tools

This recorder can be used without downloading apps, which makes it really helpful for short practice recording and listening.

Many more demos and types of content are on

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After the presentation

More Amazing Open H5P Content in Context

Additional Resources

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