for PCC Teaching and Learning Center, May 2019

Titles and presenters below spoke at the 2019 Cascadia Open Education Summit, April 2019 in Vancouver, BC.


  • Free vs. Open
  • Accessibility
  • Using learning data for continuous improvement
  • Open pedagogy starter kit
  • 5Rs – Old and New
  • Pressbooks as an Open Platform
  • Interactivity with H5P
  • Open Ed, Equity, and Inclusion

Free vs. Open

  • Keynote by Dr. Karen Cangialosi
  • “Traditional OER” vs. moving beyond a focus on cost
  • To paraphrase, her description of Open Pedagogy includes:
    • Community and collaboration: sharing resources, ideas, and power
    • Connection to a wider public: learners contribute to, not just consume knowledge
    • Student focused and knowledge-driven
    • Critical approach to knowledge (Who creates it? What biases are present?)
  • Contrasting definition: OER-enabled Pedagogy (David Wiley)
  • Complicating question: If this work is de-colonializing and anti-racist, who is actually doing it? Whose voices are really in control of this process?

Moving Beyond a Checklist Approach to Accessibility

Using Learning Data to Drive OER Content Improvements

David Wiley, Lumen Learning

  • Non-disposable Assignments
  • “Improvement in post-secondary education will require converting teaching from a solo sport to a community-based research activity.” Herb Simon
  • Waymaker LMS

An Open Pedagogy Starter Kit

5Rs: Old and New

Created by David Wiley, CC BY 4.0

From Rajiv Jhangiani, 2019

Pressbooks as an OER Platform

Collaborative Approaches to Open Learning Resources Development – Lin Brander, Rosario Passos

Interactive content with H5P

Adding Interactivity to OER to improve student learning – Wendy King, Lucas Wright, Ross Strader

  • Mirroring my own experience with H5P:

Open Education and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • See again the old and new 5Rs
  • Equity and Open Education – A PCC Presidential Fund cohort series by Jen Klaudinyi

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